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The Hate You Give | Straight Outta Hershey

The Hate You Give

Twitter isn’t exactly a bastion of wisdom. You don’t go to Twitter looking for the long play, for the big picture, for a wider perspective. You go to Twitter for knee-jerk, reactionary comments usually designed to incite.

Which is why it doesn’t really bother me that everyone on Twitter right now is hating on Christian Pulisic.

For example, a thoughtful tweet from user Jamie @jmemc55. Notice the period after “Nicolas Pepe or not” that should be a comma. Notice the lack of period at the end of the tweet. This tweet was probably written while Jamie was sitting on the toilet in his mum’s house in South Essex, or wherever it is Jamie lives. It was undoubtedly something Jamie did not ponder too much before writing. It was merely a thought in his head, albeit a thought he felt strongly enough to tweet.

Which, I guess, is the beauty of twitter in many ways. It is a good way to gauge what the general populace is thinking. Is it a good way, in this case, to gauge whether Christian Pulisic is in fact “shit.” Of course not. But from it you can glean that Pulisic hasn’t played great so far this Chelsea season. And from it you can glean that if he continues to play how he’s been playing, his future at Chelsea isn’t that bright.

But obviously that won’t happen, since Cha Boi is a football leviathan who eats defenders like they were schools of krill.

Or who will do this, if just given some time.

Or who might not do this EVER at Chelsea, but who will one day do it for a big team, in a big league.

Now, one person who did criticize Christian Pulisic recently, but in a thoughtful, articulate way, was George Benson (see video above). Benson has a YouTube channel dedicated to Chelsea called “Football with George.” He makes videos every couple of every couple of days, and they’re always well thought-out (at least the ones I’ve seen), and they’re always, at least for a self-proclaimed Chelsea fan, fairly objective. It’s also good to hear what non-Americans think about Cha Boi, since if you talk to me or most other Americans we’ll simply tell you that Pulisic is a Christ figure and destined to one day usurp Messi as football’s midfield Messiah. Granted, I like to think I’m fairly objective. I realize Pulisic has not played well this season. Watching him play against Sheffield United actually hurt me in a visceral way (it was like getting punched in the stomach by a weirdly strong 8-year-old). But I also realize, and I think George Benson probably realizes this, and most thoughtful football pundits, that Pulisic has only played 3.5 games. He’s only 20 years old. Twenty. Years. Old. And he just got uprooted into the biggest soccer league on the planet.

So yeah, there’s some hate out there. In fact, that seems to be pretty much the only thing that exists on Twitter. Unless, of course, you follow Straight Outta Hershey, in which case you’ll find nothing but love.

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