OMG: Pulisic Assists vs. Grimsby Town

It’s been a tiring week. I feel weird blogging on here, almost like it’s my real voice, and my fake voice is over at, my other blog. Oh God. Not good. But anyway, press on. Press on.

Let’s start off today’s blog with what you came here for, Pulisic’s assist today against English giants Grimsby Town:

The thing that’s tough for Pulisic, and Pulisic fans right now, is every single time he plays every single touch is scrutinized. If he doesn’t score he’s garbage. Assists are OK, but if he doesn’t score he’s garbage. People are wondering why Willian is playing instead of Pulisic right now. Well, Willian has a LOT more experience. Plus his hair is really cool. Does Willian produce? Absolutely not. You’re not going to get goals from Willian, even though that’s kind of what he’s on the pitch for. Basically, if people aren’t scoring goals, put ’em on the bench.

A week ago I would’ve said Pulisic had a great chance of starting against Brighton this Saturday. Now I’d say the chances are….not good. Heck, chances aren’t good he’ll even get in the game. ‘Cuz, like, Willian. And Pedro.

Pulisic will be fine. He just turned 21 years old. He’s got so much time. And we have to allow the possibility that he might not even really come into his own at Chelsea. I mean, look what happened to Mohamed Salah at Chelsea. Look what happened to Kevin de Bruyne. And where are these guys now? Kevin de Bruyne did this the other day:

This is disgusting. I almost lost my lunch after watching this. Have you ever seen a ball whipped in so perfectly?

Anyway, that’s enough about Pulisic for today. There’s nothing to say. He’ll be fine. We’ll all be fine.