A Late Man United Review and Some Comments on the Liverpool Game

The first thing I need to do for this post is apologize. Apologize because I claim to have a blog dedicated to Christian Pulisic (or as his name means in Croatian, “the risen one”), AND I DIDN’T EVEN POST A REVIEW OF THE MAN UNITED CHELSEA GAME.

What kind of fan am I?

But there’s actually not much to say with regard to Pulisic in the Man U game. He played ok. Not great. Not terrible. Didn’t really do much of note. He had maybe one good run, two if you count the one I think he had in the final minute or so. But when you’re down four nil, what does a last minute run mean?

It means everything, actually.

Because CP never stops fighting.

As for the Liverpool game, well ok, that’s a different story. Christian had a goal disallowed by a late offside call. He had an assist. And he was a freaking animal out there the way he fought. It’s obvious Christian thinks he belongs. It’s obvious he wants to show he belongs. And after seeing these first two performances, it’s starting to become apparent that he indeed might belong.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: do I really want to plan a surf trip to Bali when there’s so much trash in the water? And to that I say no, you don’t. Go to Sumatra or the Philippines or maybe even Australia. But Bali? Come on.

And as for what you’re thinking about Pulisic. You’re thinking: he obviously belongs. But folks, let’s watch a few more Premier League games. Let’s see if he starts against Leicester City on Sunday. If you’re like me, you know it’s just a matter of time before Christian starts producing like the Chipotle stock I bought back in 2006. You know it’s all going to come together, you’re just not exactly sure when. The only thing we can do for now is stay tuned.