Showdown in East Anglia: Norwich City vs. Chelsea Preview

There was a time when one would’ve looked at a team with Christian Pulisic and N’golo Kante and Mason Mount and Willian and Olivier Giroud and thought: There is no way they could ever lose, or even draw, to a team like Norwich. That was before the arrival to Norwich of Finland’s most ferocious hatrick […] Continue Reading

Chelsea Ratings vs. Leicester City

Did Christian Pulisic, first of his name, protector of the left flank, have a good game against Leicester City last Sunday? That’s a tough question, and the answer is eight-fold. First of all, did he score any goals? Negative. Second of all, did he have any assists? Negative. Third of all, how many times did […] Continue Reading

A Late Man United Review and Some Comments on the Liverpool Game

The first thing I need to do for this post is apologize. Apologize because I claim to have a blog dedicated to Christian Pulisic (or as his name means in Croatian, “the risen one”), AND I DIDN’T EVEN POST A REVIEW OF THE MAN UNITED CHELSEA GAME. What kind of fan am I? But there’s […] Continue Reading

Will This Be Jadon Sancho’s Last Season in the Bundesliga? Short answer: Yes

Christian Pulisic’s former Borussia Dortmund teammate Jadon Sancho is set to have his second break out season in a row, if that’s even possible, which it definitely is because that’s how good this adult it. I say adult because Jadon Sancho is over the hill at 18 years, nipping at Kylian Mbappes’s heels like an […] Continue Reading

A Few Hyperlinks: Man United vs. Chelsea pt. 2

Almost all the previews are in. Almost all of them DON’T have Ross Barkley understand it. But I’m not going to talk too much about that today, because that’s what I talked about in the last post. I guess at least one outlet predicts Ross Barkley will start. Gotta love “” That’s where I go […] Continue Reading

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