Greg Berhalter Makes Me Sad

I don’t have a lot to say about Chour Boi today that I haven’t already said this week in the titillating preview I wrote for tomorrow’s Chelsea vs. Sheff United game. Of course, I could talk about the upcoming international break and Chour Boi’s selection for this squad. Apparently, Greg Berhalter, neptotism’s favo(u)rite coach, said […] Continue Reading

Blunt the Blades: Chelsea Look to Take Down Sheffield United

Chelsea head back to Stamford Bridge this Saturday for their home fixture against Sheffield United, a newly-promoted side whose nickname “The Blades” points to Sheffield’s glorious tradition of cutlery production. Christian Pulisic, Chelsea winger and ‘Merican extraordinaire, knows something about cutlery, or at least slicing and dicing defenders and eating them for breakfeast (see: brunch […] Continue Reading

Is Christian Pulisic Jesus?

Subtitle (If I had subtitle capability on this blog): No, but he can turn water into perfectly-weighted through balls.  I set out today on a mission: To compare Christian Pulisic to Yaweh, aka The Son of God, aka The Redeemer, aka The Savior, aka The Thrilla From Near Afula, but after a quick Google search […] Continue Reading

Are Christian Pulisic and Mason Mount Best Buds?

Exhibit Ä: GOAL! Chelsea lead again! Christian Pulisic sets up Mason Mount who nets his second goal in two games 👏#NORCHE — Goal (@goal) August 24, 2019 I often wonder, as I’m sitting at home at night, the rain pattering softly on the window sill, me muttering to myself in intermediate German, who Christian […] Continue Reading

Chelsea Extinguish Norwich City, David Luiz Punished for his Sins

Today’s match was emotional. All of the matches today were emotional. I just watched the highlights from the Manchester United vs. Crystal Palace game and watching Marcus Rashford miss that penalty made me want to curl into a ball and, rather than go sit in the corner, roll myself down a flight of stairs. The […] Continue Reading

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