SOH Friday the 13th Edition: Pulisic at Wolves, Sargent at Berlin

Friends, lovers, Pulisic fans, Welcome to today’s Friday the 13th edition of Straight Outta Hershey, in which we honor the goddess within us, since that is apparently traditionally what Friday the 13th was all about until it was demonized by the evil patriarch. But today we take it back! We are all goddesses, albeit some […] Continue Reading

Cha Boi Back in England

They call him Christian Pulisic. Some pronounce this Christian PuLIsic. Others say Christian PUlisic. And others, usually the English, also often the Germans, and definitely the Slavs, say PuLIsiCH. What would the correct pronunciation be? I’m not going to tell you. Your vocal cords are not capable of it. You must be divine or a […] Continue Reading

USMNT vs. Mexico Preview: His Name is Mr. Pulisic

When I was just a young lad of 23, I studied abroad in Mexico City. Two things stand out at me from that trip: One, I dated a girl named Natalia whose primary form of communicating was to roll her eyes at me. And two, I drank enough alcohol to kill a yak. Now, anyone […] Continue Reading

The Hate You Give

Twitter isn’t exactly a bastion of wisdom. You don’t go to Twitter looking for the long play, for the big picture, for a wider perspective. You go to Twitter for knee-jerk, reactionary comments usually designed to incite. Which is why it doesn’t really bother me that everyone on Twitter right now is hating on Christian […] Continue Reading

Sargent Bedazzles in Augsburg Bundesliga Blitz

Josh Sargent influenced hearts and minds on Sunday with a gorgeous goal for Werder Bremen in a 3-2 win against the most non-descript side in the history of football, FC Augsburg. I shouldn’t say completely non-descript, since Augsburg have the most auspicious Icelandic striker on their team, the venerable Alfreð Finnbogason (Old English dental fricative […] Continue Reading

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